Aero Contractors/ Cally Air Maltreat Abuja- Calabar Passengers

Aero Contractors/ Cally Air Maltreat Abuja- Calabar Passengers

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By: Frank Ajufo

Passengers who boarded the late Sunday afternoon Calabar bound Aero Contractors/Cally Air flight have lamented the poor treatment received by the operators of the Airline.

The challenge began after passengers arrived at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar, and discovered that their luggage were left behind by the airline.

While passengers expressed their displeasure, officials of the Nigerian based airline explained that the reason for the action by Aero Contractor/Cally Air abandoned passengers' luggage was to reserve fuel, due to scarcity of air fuel in Calabar, officials at the Aero contractor desk told passengers.

The officials further said, the airline needed to make a return trip from Calabar to Lagos, resulting in the decision to leave passengers’ luggage to shed weight and minimise fuel consumption.

“While we were boarding, the airline officials told us that there was an embargo placed on luggage by the airline, to reserve fuel. At the check-in counter, Some of us were assured that our luggage would be carried along, as the embargo applies to people with more than one or big luggage.

“I told them I was going for a workshop and need my bag; a small backpack. My luggage along with a few others, were cleared by FAAN, and we even saw it at the foot of the airline while boarding. I was shocked and angry when I did not see my luggage on arrival.

"I was told my luggage will arrive tomorrow by 5:30 p.m. They just brought our luggage to the foot of the airline to deceive us into believing our bags would be taken along,” one of the affected passengers, a journalist, Bishop Onche, lamented.

Another passenger who was seen crying at the luggage area of the airport but declined speaking to our correspondent, said amidst her crying that she travelled to Calabar for an examination, but the box that contains all her requirements for the examination was left behind in Abuja by Aero Contractors/Cally Air, since Friday.

Investigations revealed that most of the passengers who had come to the airport that Sunday evening had their luggage trapped in Abuja for two days.

A passenger, Udom Blessing, said she was in town for a wedding, and arrived Calabar on Aero contractor’s 3.10 pm flight on Friday, October 8, 2021, only to realise her luggage was left behind in Abuja.

"I left Abuja on Friday for a wedding which was supposed to hold yesterday (Saturday), the dress and hair I was supposed to wear at the wedding are in my luggage and this is Sunday I still haven’t gotten them.

“I just came in here today to see if my luggage has arrived, only to discover mine is still not here. I've been wearing the same clothes and inner wears since Friday."

She further lamented that despite the disdain with which they were being treated by the airline, she was yet to receive either a call, text message or even an email about her luggage.

Also Speaking, another Abuja-Calabar bound passenger, a sound engineer, Nuel, who was on the airline's aircraft on Friday, said he was at the airport to pick his luggage.

Nuel said he had some important items in his luggage and he was not pre-informed that his luggage would be dumped to shed some weight off the aircraft.

"We arrived here on Friday, so they said the aircraft was overcrowded or something and they couldn't carry our bags. I left and came here on Saturday to claim it, and they said there was no flight yesterday and that is why I came today.

"This is past 4 p.m. and I have been here since the past one-hour and nobody has said anything."

While assuaging concerns, the Aero Contractors Manager in Calabar, Victor Dan, said he had called Abuja and was assured that the bags would come in on Monday afternoon.