Anticorruption: “NDDC Forensic Report a Litmus Test for Buhari’s Anticorruption Crusade” – Burgami Callers

Anticorruption: “NDDC Forensic Report a Litmus Test for Buhari’s Anticorruption Crusade” – Burgami Callers

By Frank Ajufo

Callers on Burgami, Vision FM’s audience participatory programmme have described the recently submitted Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), forensic audit report as a litmus test for the President Muhammadu Buhari led government.

While contributing on today’s edition of the programme, “Can the Federal Government bring indicted NDDC officials and contractors to book”, some of the callers also expressed doubt over government’s commitment to prosecute those indicted and recover looted resources.

A caller, Izuagbe Ibrahim commended President Buhari for embarking on the initiative which is targeted at unraveling the mismanagement of resources that were meant for alleviating the sufferings of Niger Deltans whose environment has been battered by oil exploration and exploitation.

Izuagbe emphasized the need to implement the content of the report, create innovative ways that will guard against a repeat of what has currently befallen the NDDC.

“First of all I want to commend Mr. President for instituting inquiry into the activities of NDDC and of course, the report is out now with clear indications of indictments, and the whole world is now watching to see the way forward.

“And as a matter of fact, I want to say that the NDDC inquiry is going to be a landmark and a highpoint, a litmus test of the anticorruption war of Mr. President.

“So it is not enough to have this report scripted. Follow up with implementation and create a new way forward so as to forestall a reoccurrence of such a thing either at the NDDC or any of the government institution for that matter”, Izuagbe advised.

Another caller Hamza Abdul lamented over NDDC’s failure to live up to the objectives for which it was established.And while calling on the Federal Government to ensure that anyone who the report has indicted should be dealt with, Abdul further expressed worry that the indicted personalities may cross over to the ruling All Progressive Congress and the sins will be forgiven.

“It is very disappointing that an agency of the Federal Government set for a purpose is unable to do its work properly. This Niger Delta are being represented at the National Assembly and the Executive. And these Executive are charged with the responsibility of overseeing activities in the Niger Delta.

“In fact, the former Chairman of APC said that anybody who has a criminal act in any party, for instance in PDP, so long as he jumps over, defects to APC, your sins are forgiven. And we have scores of them run into APC because of their crimes, and this is why they are now untouchables.

“The government should decisively deal with anybody who is found wanting because this is money that belongs to the Federal Government and indeed Nigeria. The government is dragging its feet because the big shots who embezzled this money belong to the party”, Abdul opined.

Okogbe Isaac who also called in, advised the Federal Government to extend the forensic audits to various ministries, departments and agencies, as he opined that corruption is endemic in all facets of government’s bureaucracy.

Okogbe appealed to the Federal Government to muscle every political and moral will to fish out those that were indicted by the report and deal with them decisively to serve as deterrent to others.