Comments Over Terrorist Lawmaker, President Buhari Unfit To Be A Leader – Bar Ikenga Ugochinyere

Comments Over Terrorist Lawmaker, President Buhari Unfit To Be A Leader – Bar Ikenga Ugochinyere

- Failure to Initiate Impeachment Process against President Buhari Is Setting Bad Precedence

- Parliament Under Lawan & Gbajabiamila Equals Political Alleluia House

By: Frank Ajufo

The Spokesperson of the Coalition of the Coalition of United Political parties (CUPP), Barr Ikenga Ugochinyere says the move to initiate impeachment processes against President Muhammadu Buhari, Senate President Ahmed Lawan and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Gbajabiamila is based on the need to warn future leaders against recklessness in office.

Barr Ugochinyere stated this at the sidelines of a press briefing which he titled, “The Critical State of the Nation, Failures & Incompetence of the APC & President Muhammadu Buhari, and the Need for Nigerians to Give the Opposition a Chance to Revatilise Nigeria & Put Her Back on the Path of Growth & Development”.

The CUPP spokesperson said no democracy can grow if institutions refused to do their, but wait until they are compelled by civil action just as they have instituted an action against the National Assembly at the Federal High Court.

“If we do not stand up to say no to what the President has done, if we do not stand to support that the President should be disgraced out of office, why did the framers of the Constitution put those things in the constitution? It is because they know that a time will come when you will elect a leader that is incompetent and reckless like President Muhammadu Buhari. And that is why there is a provision for impeachment.

“Now that the Nigerian people are disappointed in him, the next person that is supposed to have acted is the parliamentarians that are representing the people. Why do you disgrace incompetent leaders out of office? You disgrace them so that other people that will come will know that true power rest with people. The people through their law makers can impeach them.

“But now that you have a parliament that is basically like political Alleluia house, let those people who believe that they are progressive in the parliament impeach, let there even be an attempt to impeach and then it fails. Keeping quiet is an insult, it is pathetic, it is bad.”

Reacting to the Independence Day broadcast where President Buhari spoke about having information about a lawmaker who is sponsoring violent activities in the country, he described the statement as reckless, baseless and a prove of incompetence.

“With all due respect to the President, that comment is reckless, is baseless and it shows how incompetent the President is. He is Commander-in-Chief, with all the powers to protect the peace and intelligence of this country and you say you have intelligence of people who are involved in terrorism and you have not charged them to court.

“It means two things, either you’re just trying to intimidate lawmakers or the people to start thinking if it is one or the other. If you feel people have breached the provisions of the law, have been involved in terrorism, you file action in court against them, you prosecute them, you arrest them but he has not done any these things.

“So is he aanouncing to us like a woman seeling onions in Wuse Market so that we would go and look for the lawmaker for him and arrest him? That comment alone shows that the President is incompetent and unfit to be a leader.”

Ugochinyere also said the opposition has been informed of intentions to remove key elements that will ensure credible elections from the Electoral Act, as well as delay the process of passage till six months before the 2023 elections, in order to activate the ECOWAS law which prohibits amendment of Electoral Acts six months before election.

“That is why we are raising the alarm. We have reliable information about what they are doing. That is why they are trying to remove key important ingredients of that amendment, removing electronic transmission of results, removing some of the applications of technology that would have ensured credible election and they are trying to remove the powers of voters and citizens to challenge elected officials who have forged documents. They are trying to leave that power only for co-candidates. That is even very wrong, shutting the people out.

“In that case people who have corrupt past can get elected and no one can challenge them. So there seems to be a lot of things they are doing in secret.

“And that is why we are raising the alarm that they want to continue all these processes so that before you know it, they will cite for us the ECOWAS treaty which says you cannot amend the Electoral Act six months to election, which we have heard some of them want to do. So, it left for the people to join in the call for action to put them under pressure to do the right thing.”

According to him, Nigerians are now more divided today than they were before the civil war, with corruption leading the path on various fronts, and most national leaders have refused to speak up against the trend.

The CUPP Spokesperson concluded by expressing optimism that the action to being instituted will succeed and the lawmakers will initiate the impeachment process.