Group Calls for Arrest and Prosecution of Perpetrators of Plateau Killings

Group Calls for Arrest and Prosecution of Perpetrators of Plateau Killings

By Joy Jayeisimi

As the crisis on the Plateau continues unabated, the federal government has been called to as a matter of urgency identify and arrest criminals involved in the killings and bring them to justice for peace to reign.

At a joint Press conference in Abuja, the STEFANOS Foundation and the IRIGWE Development Association demanded an immediate end to the violence in Plateau state.

The programme coordinator of Stefanos Foundation, Mark Lipdo, alleged that between the 30th of July to the third of August 2021, more than seventy people were killed and about two hundred and fifty houses in the Plateau burnt by militant Fulani Herdsmen; "we are calling on government to expedite action to see that the criminals who continue to attack our communities, kidnap, maim and kill people are apprehended and publicly brought to justice;" says Lipdo. 

"A situation where there are ready phrases such as bandits and unknown gunmen in almost every attack is unacceptable." He continues "justice and fairness always precede peace".

He said the labeling of the Irigwe people or the plateau people as the perpetrators of August 14th incident in Rukubu of killings of travelers without conclusive investigation is unfortunate.

Mr Lipido said "STEFANOS foundation is concerned about the hasty conclusions and the calls to violence that followed as various stakeholders have made sweeping allegations, venomous and inciting messages with reactions that have trailed this incident"

Meanwhile, National President of Irigwe Development Association, Robert Dodo said despite the presence of security agencies in the area, militia and other criminal elements are still carrying out nefarious killings and destruction of Irigwe farmland.

The Irigwe Development Association president stressed the need for government to arrest the unknown gunmen tormenting the peace loving people who had resolved to promote Peaceful coexistence among many tribes in the area.

Manasseh watyil

This is no longer news that it is a calculated attempt to wiped out the Middle Belt race on the surface of the earth. It beats my imaginations that up till this moment our eyes are not yet open to have seen the long plans of this people. The day before Yesterday was Suothern Kaduna, yesterday was Birom, today is Irigwe, tomorrow will be Ngas or Tarroh. I am sick and tired of the response of our elders who up till this moment are hiding under the guise of not knowing the plans of this people. One day we will all be consumed if we continue like this. We have seen what Afganistant is today. Tomorrow will be Nigeria. I sincerely comment the tiredness effort of dogged Ibrahim Bunu, Mark Lipdo and others. I am tired of the mess our elders are into. May God open their spiritual eyes