Group Protests Continued Detention of Ekweremadu

Group Protests Continued Detention of Ekweremadu

By Chinedu Echianu in Abuja    

A group which tagged itself as Concerned Nigerians United for Ekweremadu and Family have staged a protest at the British High Commission in Abuja demanding the immediate release on bail of former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu who has been in detention in the United Kingdom for over four months on charges of organ trafficking.

The group led by Mr. Paul Sawa said it had been keenly following the development surrounding the travail of Ekweremadu and family and debunked remarks made by the British authorities that Ekweremadu is a flight risk if granted bail.

Leading placard carrying protesters, Mr. Sawa read a protest letter addressed to the High Commissioner; "We are a body of Nigerians, who have keenly followed and are concerned about the travail of Senator Ike Ekweremadu and family, and the continued detention of a Nigerian citizen, a distinguished and serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, since 21st June 2022. We just submitted a protest letter to the UK High Commission over Ekweremadu’s continued detention

"A fair application of the justice system presupposes justice for all the parties involved in any matter, including the accused. It presupposes innocence until proven guilty. These fine principles of the law guarantee the fundamental human rights of every accused.

"We are therefore concerned about the continued detention over a clearly bailaible offence. By their schedule over there, Senator Ekweremadu’s real trial to determine his innocence or otherwise begins in May 2023 by which time he would have spent one year behind bars.

"Worse still, we gather that the British authorities are also poised to charge Senator Ekweremadu’s ailing daughter to court on the same matter. This is most disturbing, especially as we had expected the UK authorities to be more humane and more concerned about the treatment and recovery of the poor lady.

"We are then moved to ask: Where is the humanity in all of this? Where is human right in all of this? Where is the presumption of innocence for the accused? Would Nigerian government subject a UK Member of Parliament to the same shabby treatments and protracted detention on a clearly bailable offence under similar circumstance? More so, if such a UK parliamentarian had written to the Nigeria High Commission to fully disclose the purpose of the organ donor’s trip, including the particular hospital where the case would be handled?  

"Therefore, we

1. Appeal to the UK Government to grant Senator Ike Ekweremadu bail. The claim by his prosecutors that he is a flight risk is far from the truth, as the Ekweremadu we know, being a legislator of international acclaim, will be more interested in the recovery of his daughter, establishing his innocence, and reclaiming his reputation.

2. Appeal to the UK Government to consider the noble cause of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, being a natural instinct and spirited effort of a loving and responsible father to save the life of his daughter. This is something any other responsible parent could have done; and if this could happen to Senator Ike Ekweremadu, it could happen to anyone." the protest letter concluded."

Mazi Ibe Job Chika

My people I wish to state categorically that senator ekweremadus continual detention is political.Nigerians both the state actors and the ordinary citizens, we must understand that it doesn't speak well of us that a sitting senator in our country is in detention in a foreign land,where is it done ,where is our diplomatic relation with UK.why was he not handed over to the Nigerian authorities to be tried.what exactly makes Ike's case unbailable, why is UK more interested in nwanmini a Nigerian citizen more than nnamdi kanu who is her own citizen,it sounds hypocritical. On the other hand why has the Nigerian authorities not demanded for the release of their senator, even a sitting one,this is a state conspiracy. I thank God for Mr sawa and his group. But I want to say that it is a big shame for the Nigerian state