NLC Attributes Insecurity to Unemployment and Lack of Decent Jobs

NLC Attributes Insecurity to Unemployment and Lack of Decent Jobs

By Chinedu Echianu

The massive Insecurity, agitations and restiveness among young people in Nigeria has been attributed to unemployment and lack of decent jobs as well as poor wages for those lucky to find jobs.

President of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC), Ayuba Wabba who stated this in Abuja at a rally to commemorate this year's edition of the world day for decent work, lamented that, casualization, poor wages and lack of social security cover are some of the major challenges in Nigeria's work environment.

“Today comrades, 17% of our people are working in the informal sector with no form of social security and that is why you have a lot of destitute in the streets" he said.

"Our system is not just. during the covid19 pandemic, in many countries that there is justice, they have what they called palliative, they have social security cover for the unemployed, they have social security cover for the aged, they have social security cover to cover everybody's health"“But in our system, even the palliatives were hidden and therefore the poor and destitute were left on their own, yet they locked us up, can that system continue to be just?

“That’s why we are challenging the system today to say that for peace to reign there must be social justice" he added.

He further stated that, the NLC is mobilizing its affiliates to embark on a mass action to challenge the recent decision of the Federal Government to pay Permanent secretaries their salaries for life, while neglecting other cadre of workers who are still struggling with an unjust minimum wage and non-payment of their gratuities and pensions.

“Government pronounced a policy to say that permanent secretary will earn their salary for life and they have been removed from the contribution pension scheme and that even the ones that they have contributed should be refunded to them.

"Infact this expo came two days ago when we learn that the approval of the memo came directly from the presidency and was communicated to the head of service. I am sure many of you workers are not aware of this, yet when it comes to payment of our gratuity, they say there is no money"

“We are aware there cannot be a permanent secretary without director, there cannot be director without deputy director, there cannot be deputy director without assistant director and also all other cadre of workers" "If they want to be fair, if they say permanent secretary will go with their own 100%, the directors should go with 50%, other workers should go with 25%. That is what we call equity" he said.

Labor correspondent Chinedu Echianu reports that, the World day for decent work rally commenced at the headquarters of the NLC with affiliate members of Congress and their leadership marching round the streets of Abuja with placards and banners on the need for decent work in Nigeria.