Proper Implementation of 2022 Budget Necessary for Economic Growth- Burgami Callers

Proper Implementation of 2022 Budget Necessary for Economic Growth- Burgami Callers

By Chinedu Echianu

Callers on Burgami Classic, Vision FM flagship and audience participatory programme say proper implementation of the proposed 2022 budget is the only way the document can meaningfully affect the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

One of the callers, Bala Mohammed said budgeting alone is not the solution to Nigeria’s challenges, but proper monitoring of the funds allocated to ministries, departments and agencies of government should be ensured.

"You see the issue here is not the budgeting but when you allocate this budget to ministries or institutions you don't follow up. Are they using these budget budgeted for according to what they are suppose to use them for?"

"You know if they are for infrastructure or whatever, are they doing the right thing?"

"The issue is you don't follow up, So at the end of the day you tell us you just budget, you don't follow up to see whether these people are using these budgets towards what they are meant for"

"But we hope and pray this will be a kind of budget that will change as they said" he added.

On his part, Isa Bala insists that the budget will go the way of previous budgets as it will only serve the purpose of the political elites who formulated it.

"They don't want to give impact to any common Nigerian, it's going to affect the life of those who make this budget and divide the budget among themselves and that is all"

"If actually, really this government is the present of government of the people, who promise to have employed 70,000 police by now, because they promise to employ 10,000 police every year and are in the seventh year. We only have 10,000 employed which is failure"

"What they could have done, those cars, they want to buy and those bullet proof they want to buy, they should have cancel it out of this budget. The one they have been buying for the past seven years, they should gather it, sell them up and buy new ones"

"Now you will see that the budget will reduce drastically. The issue of borrowing wouldn't have been there" He said

However a caller, Bello Umar said the anger expressed by Nigerians against the Federal Government on the state of the economy is not justified.

"I want to start thanking the President Muhammadu Buhari for proposing 16 point something trillion naira budget" he started

"This is the president that came on power and shouted that he met an empty project, he inherited backlog salary, but in time with the oil price crashing world wide, with the corona or covid19 pandemic that came and shrink global economy, the president try his best to pay up backlog salary, clear some pension"

"Today the same president when the states are in economy crisis, he bail them first time, second time, third time and as long as these governors will continue hijacking local government autonomy we will hear some people crying and we did not see anything, the budget is not implementing, this and this and that." he said.

Those were the opinion of some of the callers on Monday’s edition of Burgami Classic, Vision FM flagship and audience participatory programme.