Somali Envoy calls for Establishment of Peace Corps in Somalia

Somali Envoy calls for Establishment of Peace Corps in Somalia

By: Ojay Matthew

The Ambassador of Somalia to Nigeria, Jamal Mohamed Barrow has requested for the establishment ofthe Peace Corps of Nigeria in his country. He made the request today when he paid a courtesy visit to the management of the corps in its national headquarters in Abuja.

Barrow said, his request was as a result of the civilized manner of operation of the organisation that drew his attention to the corps when he visited Kano recently in a function.

"It was me who requested to visit your headquarter(s).Last week i was in Kano,i have a meeting with your branch in Kano.they have a ceremony,i participated in the ceremony, they awarded a certificate to me. Really i admire your organisation and how its working. he recounted

" First i thought it's a military branch,no they say it is civilian branch. I feel that something have bedone to Nigeria by the establishment of this peace corps" he further stated

The Somali ambassador, while eulogizing the management of the corps led by Prof Dickson Akor, the national commandant recalled that his country has been in crisis spanning thirty years now, but he is glad that peace is gradually returning back hence the need for a replica of an organisation like the peace corps of Nigeria in his country to engage the youths in fostering peace in Somalia.

Barrow further added  that, he will take the proposal to his government led by Mohammed Farmaajo to convince it on the need of the organisation that will foster peace using the youths.

In his remarks, Prof Dickson Akor the national commandant of the corps expressed delight over the visit by the ambassador and the request to adopt a similar organisation in his home country of Somalia.

Prof Akor further praised the envoy for thinking about bringing good things to his country at this point in time and not carried away with the comfort of his office like others will do.

He promised not only to give the envoy the idea of the establishment of peace corps in Somalia, but give him all the necessary document guides to see to the success of the idea.

Peace Corps of Nigeria ( PCN) was founded by Prof Dickson Akoh in 1998 with the goal of fostering national creativity, unity, peace, youth development and re-orientation and this is fully encapsulated by the organization’s motto which is “Discipline and Patriotic services.”


Excellent move.

Yusuf musa

May almighty Allah archived our own goals amin ya rabbi


I believe Nigeria government can equally make same progress in the Country by taking over ownership of Nigeria Peace Corps


Is good job