SPEC Wants Buhari to Intervene in Ban on Female Education in Afghanistan

SPEC Wants Buhari to Intervene in Ban on Female Education in Afghanistan

By Chinedu Echianu in Abuja

The decision of the Taliban government in Afghanistan to suspend university education for all female students in the country has been described as saddening and distressful.

The latest ban follows an earlier decree by the Afghan authorities banning girls from attending secondary schools.

A Civil Society Organisation - Save Public Education Campaign which has been at the forefront in the demand for better funding for public educational institutions in Nigeria said the move by the Afghan government is tantamount to halting the lives of women in that country.

It would be recalled that a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education confirmed the suspension to CNN on Tuesday through a letter published by the education ministry which stated that the decision was made in a cabinet meeting and the order will go into effect immediately.

However a statement titled; “President Buhari, Please Pressure Afghanistan Regime to Reverse the ban on Women and Girls’ Education” signed by the Convener and Co-convener of Save Public Education Campaign, Vivian Bello and Comrade Dimeji Macaulay respectively said clamping down on Women and Girls’education criminalizes womanhood.

The statement partly read; ”International Charter on Human and People’s Rights grants all individuals, Right to Education regardless of gender. The Save-Public-Education-Campaign received with deep sadness and distress the news of the banning of Women and Girls from attending University in Afghanistan by the country’s ruling junta.

“This is coming in quick succession of an earlier Order made by the same authorities, prohibiting Women/Girls from attending Secondary Schools.To say that we, at the Save-Public-Education-Campaign are appalled by these draconian Orders is an understatement, we are totally in shock.

“As it stands, by these actions of the Afghan regime, the Education and by implication, the life and development of millions of Women and Girls in Afghanistan have effectively come to a halt. All the innate, God-given talents and potentials these Women and Girls have, will in this way, never see the light of the day in terms of being developed or deployed to the service of humanity.

“It is on record that Afghan Women and Girls are some of the brightest in the World with great potentials to excel in diverse areas including Medicine, Education (Teaching), Engineering, Technology, Aviation, Military, Security, Agriculture, Politics, Banking, etc. Depriving them of the freedom to be educated, develop and put these God-given talents and potentials to use for their benefit and the benefit of the society is most unfair, unjust and a most excruciating blow to Womankind.

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier in 2022 made a one million dollars donation to the Taliban government in Afghanistan as humanitarian aid to the country, it is therefore not out of place that the Save Public Education Campaign is appealing to the Nigerian leader to be the voice of the voiceless Afghan women and girls and to use his influence and capacity to compel the Afghan regime to reverse the anti-Women and Girls decree; “we also in similar vein demand improved Education for Women and Girls in Nigeria. We believe that pregnant Women or Girls should be able to continue their education without stigmatization or hindrance.

“The Save-Public-Education-Campaign, Nigeria, will continue to stand in solidarity with our sisters undergoing educational repression in Afghanistan, we will continue to hold them in prayers, we will continue to lend our voices to their plight and difficulties and will continue to do all we can to reverse this sad situation. We strongly believe that one day, freedom shall come for these countless Women and Girls in Afghanistan, (and indeed every other part of the World where they are being oppressed or stigmatized as a result of their gender), and Women and Girls shall be free and empowered to attain their goals and fulfill their potentials.” The statement concluded.